Take Me (2017)


I can’t remember the last time I viewed a good modern-day screwball comedy, which is why Take Me was so refreshing. It’s not a deep thinking type of film, rather it’s entertaining and funny and a gem worth watching. Take Me is the directorial debut for actor Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills) who also stars in the film alongside actress Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black). I will admit I have a bit of bias toward Healy, because I got to meet him a while back and he’s a pretty cool guy to hang out with and I fully support his endeavors.

First off, the premise of Take Me is a bit out there, but it’s easier to just roll with it. Healy plays Ray, an entrepreneur who tries to earn a living by running a kidnap-for-hire business. He goes to a bank to apply for a business loan and tries to eagerly explain his business model to a very horrified loan officer. Basically people will contract him to kidnap them for various reasons, such as to get over a bad breakup or to help them stick to their healthy diet. Ray then holds them for up to eight hours (just enough time so no one will know the victim is missing) and gives them a full kidnapping scenario, just traumatizing enough to push them through their problems. Surprisingly, Ray does not get approved for his loan.

Shortly thereafter, he gets a call from a mysterious femme-fatale sounding woman, who wants his services but with some unusual demands. Claiming to be a corporate woman named Anna St. Blair (Schilling), she wants to be kidnapped for the whole weekend and asks if Ray will be willing to slap her in this scenario. Ray immediately is uncomfortable with these demands, but when Anna offers a $5,000 payment for his services, he jumps on board being desperate for the money.


From here, the bulk of the movie is with Ray and Anna during this crazy weekend. Healy and Schilling have great chemistry with each other as Ray attempts to perform his role as the kidnapper, but then Anna continually throws curveballs that completely throw him off. And what makes the movie fun is not knowing who is truly in control and leaving some doubt of what’s really going on. I liked Ray’s character, who gives a proud sales pitch of business at the beginning and believes he has a skill set to help people, only to slowly doubt himself and question what he’s doing by the end.

In whole, this movie made me laugh and have a smile on my face by the end. And sometimes that’s exactly what I want out of a film.


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